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Hey there,
I'm Shaun and welcome to

Dark Moon Astrophotography

A place where I bring together my passion for photography and the celestial wonders of deep space that lie beyond our reach.
The stars we see when we look up at the night sky are only but a glimmer of the beauty that exists around us and I hope my work as an astrophotographer takes you on a journey beyond these stars.

My journey so far..

I have always had a fascination for the night sky spending countless hours stargazing as a child, mesmerised by the brilliance of our celestial landscape. 

Having developed an early passion for photography, the start of 2020 when the world came to a halt, was the perfect time for me to combine my fascination for space and my passion in photography.
While the world was standing still, the Universe seemingly kept moving and we suddenly realised how fragile life can be.
We had more time on our hands to stop, reflect and reset, an opportunity if you will, that comes once in many generations. 

Through countless nights spent under starry skies, I have invested passion, time and learning to bring the chaotic beauty of our Universe to what you see here.
Looking back thousands and even millions of years into the past from my own backyard is fascinating to comprehend.


Combining Science and Art to reflect the eons of time is breathtaking and I hope you feel as inspired with what you see here to build a deeper connection with the universe as I do everytime I embark on a new project.

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